May: Update of the Community Youth Plan

Program Mapping / Inventory of Existing Organizations and Services

  • In order to determine a set of criteria for which programs will be mapped, SCOPE has created a program matrix as an analytical tool and a list of questions about program criteria to be addressed at the upcoming leadership committee meeting. 
  • SCOPE is compiling a comprehensive list of churches and food pantries to determine what strategies could be used to include these in the program mapping process. 
  • We are continuing to add to the list of youth related programs and services. If you have any to add please let us know (

Subject Matter Expert Interviews

  • So far, we have interviewed 40 subject matter experts, and contacted 50. View our subject matter experts list. 
  • Assessed the scope of experts we have spoken to so far based on area of expertise, age range, and geographic service area, and determined that we need to reach out to more people with expertise in health, emergency services, and developmental disabilities. We also need to reach out to additional experts in South Sarasota. 
  • Compiled a list of 84 additional subject matter experts based on recommendations from SMEs and attendees at the Leadership and Launch meetings. This week we will strategize about how to engage these experts based on our assessment. 
  • Began a preliminary analysis of SME interviews to be ready by the end of the month.  

Leadership Committee

  • Held three "Leadership and Launch" meetings to introduce the Community Plan for Children and Youth, and invite people to be on the leadership committee.
  • 46 people have volunteered to be on the leadership committee.
  • The first official leadership committee meeting was held on Tuesday, May 9, at 2-4pm at North Sarasota Library 
  • The second official leadership committee meeting will be on Friday, May 26, at 10am-12pm in North Port

Needs Assessment

  • Created focus group questions for adults, children ages 9-12, and teens. 
  • So far we have conducted six focus groups, five with children, one with adults. You can view our stakeholder outreach efforts here
  • We have focus groups scheduled with youth at the Laurel Civic Association, and youth at the YMCA Triad program. 
  • Began strategizing about needs assessment survey instruments and decided to create two surveys: one for adults and one for children. Survey instrument drafts will be ready May 9th for review by the leadership committee (DRAFT of adult survey, DRAFT of teenager survey)

Additional Updates

  • Created a Facebook page for the community plan for children and youth.