3rd Leadership Committee Meeting: June 13, 2017


Important updates since June 13th: 

Regarding extension of data collection: 

  • On June 20, 2017, Lance Arney (SCOPE) and Shannon Staub (PYD Council Chair) met with County Health and Human Services, who confirmed that extending the needs assessment survey deadline is allowable under SCOPE’s current contract with the County. Therefore we can extend the needs assessment survey deadline to August 31, 2017. However:
    • SCOPE’s Gaps and Needs Assessment is still due by July 31. The section describing the analysis and findings from the needs assessment surveys will be preliminary, to be revised an enhanced in September after the new August 31st deadline, and after final analysis of needs assessment surveys is completed.
    • The Gaps and Needs Assessment will also include SCOPE’s general recommendations, as well as possible solutions identified by SMEs and through focus groups and surveys. SCOPE’s recommendations would include recommended Focus Areas/Priority Areas, based on the research findings from the SME interviews, program mapping, focus group discussions, and needs assessment surveys. However, the Leadership Committee would ultimately decide which Focus Areas/Priority Areas and possible solutions to pursue and develop during Phase 2.
    • More details will be provided at the next Leadership Committee meeting on June 29, 2017 at 2:00pm at the North Sarasota Library.

Regarding age range for youth survey:

  • SCOPE is expanding the age range of the Teen Needs Assessment Survey to include young people ages 10-12. The survey will be renamed “Youth Needs Assessment Survey” 

Next Steps 

  • SCOPE encouraged members of the Leadership Committee to make pledges of how many (estimated) adult and youth surveys they could collect through their organizations. Sixteen members have made pledges so far. All the pledges combined, in addition to the surveys collected so far, puts us at an estimated 550 adult surveys and 350 youth surveys. We have set an ambitious goal of 1000 survey responses for both. The deadline for the survey is now August 31.
    • To make a pledge, please use this form: https://goo.gl/forms/qyVNo6ezv1QckgkJ2
    • You can find the links to both surveys (English and Spanish versions), as well as PDF hard copies, on our website: www.scopesarasota.org/sarasotacyp 
    • If you intend to use hard copies of the surveys but do not have the ability to print them, please let us know and we will deliver or mail them to you.
    • SCOPE will do all the data entry of responses entered on hard copy surveys. If you have hard copy surveys to give us, you can scan them, bring them to the next LC meeting, or we can pick them up.
  • SCOPE announced that the deadline for the Program Mapping Questionnaire has been extended to June 30. If you haven't already, please take this survey for your youth-serving organization. 
  • The Leadership Committee Input Survey, designed to compile input from LC members about focus areas of the plan, is still open. Please take it if you are an LC member and haven't already. 
  • The next LC meeting is on Thursday, June 29, from 2-4pm at North Sarasota Library. Please RSVP here.