Inauguration Post

This is the inauguration of the SCOPE Blog.  It is intended to be a window on what SCOPE staff and those inspired to respond are thinking regarding our community, current “hot” topics and the emergence of community.  To be sure, we have not done this before and will likely stumble through the beginning phases with some blogs that either do not provoke thought and others that may be a little too controversial.  I ask for your patience as we see if this vehicle adds to the dialogue about the community and how trying to understand and make sense of what we see or notice can result in more flourishing and less suffering. This might be a chance to exchange ideas about how we can all increase our capacity as a community to be attuned and responsive to one another.  Through this process I suspect that we will all explore what matters most to us and our collective values will emerge.

This will be an unstructured blog with rules that are basic.  The Golden Rule will prevail and we will work to assure that there is openness and kindness.  This does not preclude challenging ideas and thoughts – healthy diversity of perspective is what we hope to inspire.

I look forward to seeing regular posts and reflections.

I'd like you to meet my co-bloggers (who are also my co-workers) -  April, Kate, Kim, Maureen and Suzanne.  They will introduce themselves and share their hopes for the blog in their own voice.

This is April, and I wonder... What is this blog for? I see this blog as a way to share from my personal little window how I see that happening around me, ways I could imagine it happening more or better. It can also be a way to do my work better as I write about these things and hear what other people have to say about it. Finally, I want it to another stream of nutrients to the civic bloodstream, to strengthen the heart of our community and of our country’s democracy through a rich flow of ideas, perspectives, questions, and decisions.

I want to see the power of ordinary people working together around things they care about become real in this community. My goal is for it to happen in a way that those who’ve given up on such an idea shake their heads and say, “Well, I’ll be. It is possible”—and those who already feel it to believe it even harder still, to carry on with bolder hearts. Hi, this is Kate, and... Since the presidential election, I’ve begun to follow the news pretty closely. I hope to share stories about current events and have a discussion about how they relate to my work in community. A few things I care about personally are the environment, the DIY movement, and technology, so I’ll try to link those interests into my posts here. I also carry a digital camera around in my purse, so I hope to share some images that I think relate to our topics – and the picture friendly aspects of my co-bloggers in our office.

Hi, I'm Kim and... I hope to explore what it means to be a citizen and a community member. My aim in doing this is not only to ask the questions of the reader, but of myself. I want to think long and hard about my role in this community and what I can do to make it a better place to live and work. I also want the reader to ask themselves this same question.

We live in a global era where technology has compressed space and time. This being said, I would also like to examine how the global community grapples with the same issues that Sarasota faces. I think there are parallels to be seen and a lot to be learned from other's experiences in community. I hope to share my thoughts on issues from a global perspective as it relates to our local community

I'm Maureen, and In our blog I hope to explore more about being a good citizen and learn other's points of view.

I'm Suzanne, and - I think my blog perspective will be wherever I see the threads of SCOPE manifesting in the community. The more I observe the more I see connections. There are some basic principles of SCOPE that are important to me personally too and how those play out in my world will be part of what I explore. I think my challenge will be to not be a commercial for SCOPE…it is sort of a natural tendency these days.