I care about this and thought you might too

I am sure that you are distressed over the recent violence at the Hollywood 20, just as I am.  I hope that there might be some attempt to think about the appropriate community response that will diminish the likelihood that the environment will worsen and that violence will escalate. I care about this and thought you might too. I have faith in our capacity as individuals acting in our circles and as a larger community to respond to this incident in a way that will make things better for us and for future generations.

Will you join me in thinking about this?  I hope so.  I already feel like I have waited too long to start this discussion.  I am not sure I know yet what I am asking us to do but I do think there are several areas that could be a part of the thinking.  These include an earnest exploration of caring about the condition of both participants and those around them. Through conversations with those around me I've learned of things happening on different scales of community-living room dialogues between families and neighbors, classroom discussions among students, organizations and citizens coming together across the community. In my opinion, each space is a powerful and necessary starting point for facing, healing, and shifting our shared legacy of violence.

I believe that you too will have ideas that can be added to what we consider as a community.

Who else should be involved?