Reflection - Projection - Inquiry

It’s the end of the year. It’s that one time when reflection is frequent and broad. We all know that reflection is vital to each of us throughout the year and it also matters to the organizations we engage as well as our neighbors, families and the community. It just seems like it is more OK at the end of one year and the beginning of another. As we think about this time and our reflections, maybe there are some questions that can help us along.• What brought you joy in 2009 and what would bring you joy during this next year? • What transgressions do you recall from this past year? Yours and others? • What capacity for forgiveness do you hope for and what capacity do you have to forgive? • What renewal do you wish for yourself, for others and for the community? • With whom do you hope to surround yourself in the coming year? • How will your beliefs be challenged in 2010 and how open will you be to change? • How will you purposefully reflect in your daily life and relationships so as to make them better? May each of you enjoy the grace of others who care deeply about you and who are forgiving. May you have the wisdom to speak with honesty and compassion. May our community heal economically and may that healing be realized by the many not just the few. May the seeds of renewal sprout quickly and with strength – we all can use it.

Happy holidays and sincere wishes for the coming year.