Theory of Change

We have been thinking at SCOPE about our "theory of change."  How do we think communities get better?  This isn't rocket science - but not of little consequence either.  My attempt to explain this - SCOPE’s theory of change is based on the premise that transformative community change occurs when  citizen-directed thinking and action are at its core.  That’s a fancy way of saying that when residents work together for the greater community good…it does happen.So what are the pieces of this? - several things come to mind:  Residents are connected to each other through issues they care about.  Community dialogue is inclusive of many, bringing voices from the margins that are not often invited or made comfortable.  Every resident has the opportunity to participate and share his/her individual skills and talents to create change.

So connections & passion – speaking & listening – sharing your skills.   These are some of the pieces that  create and sustain a thriving community.  What are your thoughts on how change happens in communities?