Thanksgiving Landscape

I noticed that a recent Facebook post from The Patterson Foundation speaks to whether being thankful is good for you.  The Cornell University website, Evidence-Based Living takes it seriously.  You can find that holiday-related discussion at . 

Here at SCOPE, we also believe that the idea of thinking about one’s community or neighborhood through the lens of thanks may help to reveal community.  Below is a short and simple Thanksgiving survey that we hope will get at some of the local perspective on thanks.  I hope you will look at it and chose to share your thoughts.


This Thanksgiving, what are we most thankful for as a community?

To find out, we hope you’ll join us in answering the following questions:

·         What are you most thankful for?

·         What neighborhood do you live in here in Sarasota County?  (If you don’t know your neighborhood, that’s okay – you can use your zip code instead.)

As responses come in, we’ll create and post a map to reflect back to everyone the many kinds of thanks folks are expressing across Sarasota County this year. 


Happy Thanksgiving.