More Ink on Aging

Have you noticed that the media has substantially increased its attention to the demographic shift that inspires our community to pursue the creation of the Institute for the Ages? Several times a week and nearly every Sunday a national or even international twist on this global demographic phenomenon shows up. Sunday's Sarasota Herald-Tribune gave considerable space to how the demographics are manifested in the Italian workforce. In the same Sunday edition, David Grimes was addressing the vulnerability of his own Baby Boom generation (mine too). Both stories include a reference to how the generations are interdependent. I am particularly drawn to the story about the Italian workforce. The zero-sum discussion about jobs and generational conflict is exactly the public policy space that the Institute for the Ages intends to explore. The facts laid out in this story are indisputable. What if we, all of us here in the Sarasota community, try out some multi-generational solutions. Some will fail but others may work and on this topic, like so many others, we can be the beacon for the global aging that inspired both these stories.