I Believe

A couple weeks ago the West Coast School for Human Development chose to identify me as someone they feel has positive;ly impacted the community. I was honored and I wrote this statement in relationship to that experience. A statement of beliefs.

I believe that one person can make a difference And people, connected can change everything.

I believe leadership is a choice not a position.

I believe lasting change, real difference-making transformation happens from the inside of a community not from the outside.

I believe in: baseball my Dad and Mom dirty hands and hard work my kids the goodness of people looking at each other in the eye touching my family

I believe in curiosity -studying and learning.

I believe kids are natural community builders. That Kids have wisdom that needs to be recognized much more than it is.

I believe humility grows goodness and arrogance erodes community.

I believe the shorter the distance between the haves and the have-nots, the richer the community.

I believe Sarasota County is big enough to matter But not too big that change becomes overwhelming.

I believe in local business and in spending my money there.

I believe that Newtown is at the cusp of a renaissance.

I believe being judgmental is not constructive.

I believe in civil dialogue and righteous outrage.

I believe in faith.

I believe isolation generates distrust.

I believe that change is a constant.

I believe the best way to solve tough problems is to ask everyone.

I believe in the capacity of people to organize.

I believe in faith.

I believe technology is a part of problem solving And problem-making.

I believe in the wisdom of experience and age.