March 2011 - City of Sarasota Election Results

Last week, SRQ Daily published data relating to the recent City of Sarasota elections.  Here at SCOPE, we are most interested in within-community patterns, so our GIS mapper Matt Roach has generated maps of the election results.   They illustrate both voter turnout and winners by precinct.   How do the patterns revealed confirm your expectations?  In what ways do they surprise you?  What implications might they have for future elections and local civic efforts here in Sarasota County?

Click on a thumbnail below to view a larger version of the map. Click again to expand the map to an even larger size.

The maps below consist of:

1) A boundary map of the 3 voting districts within the City of Sarasota

2) A map of voting precincts that lie within each district

3) Election results by voting  precinct for each district (1,2,3)

4) Voting turnout by voting precinct for each district (1,2,3)