Great Schools, Involved Parents, Successful Kids…AND Plugged In Communities

After last week’s FCAT testing across the district for students, school performance may be on every kid’s and parent’s mind.  It matters to the rest of us too, given that kids’ academic success is linked to many other community indicators, economic and otherwise.  One way to find out more about how kids in our community are doing in school and how schools are doing is by visiting  Here you can find out not only how kids are doing in terms of FCAT Scores, but also find out about  various assets at each school. This includes information on a range of extracurricular activities the school provides:  the arts, languages taught, sports, and vocational programs.


Another very cool feature of this website is that it includes a forum for kids who attend the school and their parents to contribute their perspectives, both in terms of stories and 5-star ratings.  This is important because firsthand impressions of a school based on direct experience are just as important a form of data as “scores and stats.”  When combined, these various kinds of data can create a more accurate and meaningful picture of what’s going on, both within and across school communities. 


So it turns out that here in Sarasota County, 32 out of the 37 public and public charter elementary schools listed on the site are receiving 4 or 5 out of 5 stars from community members these days – is that true for your school?  Click here to see…