Community Data 2.0: The Importance of Trust

Preparations are underway for the Thursday, May 19 convening, Community Data 2.0:  A Community-Wide Rebooting.  With a growing diversity of individuals, organizations, and networks already registered, this is shaping up to become a powerful gathering.  Click here to view a list of those registered so far.  Last Friday (April 22), people from a variety of local networks and agencies met to begin identifying ways that the diversity of data-related efforts occurring throughout Sarasota County might become more connected, coordinated, and mutually supportive for the benefit of the whole community.  Folks from the Economic Development Corporation, Sarasota County Government (Departments of Sustainability, Environmental Health, and Health & Human Services), Sarasota Housing Authority Resident Council, Senior Friendship Center, Community Youth Development, Community Alliance, Community Health Improvement Partnership, Central-Cocoanut Neighborhood Scavenger Hunters and SCOPE participated in the discussion.  A dominant theme that emerged was that of TRUST - the importance of generating, maintaining, and when necessary restoring trust:  among residents, between residents and institutions, within institutions, and among institutions.  How can we generate, maintain, and restore trust within our community so that community data efforts can become a powerful way for our community to become evermore better?  Let's continue to reflect on this in anticipation of the May 19 convening... 

We will continue to share our thoughts weekly on our blog about Community Data and its relationship to the sustained well-being of our community.

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