Community Data 2.0: Capitalizing Upon our Diversity

At SCOPE, one of our favorite books is Scott Page's The Difference:  How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools and Societies.  Page explains how "progress and innovation may depend less on lone thinkers with enormous IQs than on diverse people working together and capitalizing on their individuality."  Capitalizing upon our diversity for the sake of our community is about coming together as people who are different from one another in terms of:

  • Perspectives - ways of representing situations & problems and envisioning possibilities
  • Interpretations - ways of categorizing perspectives
  • Heuristics - ways of generating solutions to challenges and problems
  • Predictive Models - ways of inferring cause & effect

So far, the diversity that exists among people registered for Community Data 2.0 includes a spectrum of:

  • Neighborhoods
    • Central-Cocoanut, Plymouth Harbor, and...will there be others?
  • Government
    • Sarasota County: Commissioners; Administrator; Departments of Sustainability, Health & Human Services, & Libraries
    • City of Sarasota: Neighborhood Services, Newtown Redevelopment, Information Technology
    • City of North Port?
    • City of Venice?
  • Media
    • Sarasota Herald-Tribune, WSLR
  • Education
    • Sarasota County School District, Ringling, New College, USF, University of Florida, Argosy
  • Non-profit organizations and related networks
    • YMCA, Community Youth Development, Senior Friendship Centers, Girls Inc., Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness, Sarasota Partnership for Children's Mental Health, Independent Transportation Network, SCOPE, SCORE, Jewish Family and Children's Services, Multicultural Health Institute, Argus Foundation, Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau, Collins Center
  • Private business
    • DwellGreen, Osborn Sharp Associates architects, Michael Saunders & Company, ReMax Alliance Group, Avastone Consulting, Arox Land Development, Banyan Sprout, Inc., Lime Communications
  • Economic development
    • Sarasota County Economic Development Corporation, Venice Chamber of Commerce
  • Philanthropy
    • Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Gulf Community Foundation of Venice, Selby Foundation, Van Wezel Foundation

When we gather together on May 19 for Community Data 2.0 to reflect on the well-being of our shared community and to generate ideas about next steps, our diversity will be an asset.  Who else do you hope will be there so that we've got optimal diversity?  What can you do to increase the chances that an even richer diversity will be present in the room?