Community Data 2.0 Participant Engagement

Here at SCOPE we are interested in how community engagement flourishes. By “engagement,” we mean becoming connected and inspired to create positive community change. We believe that for enough engagement to be generated, in order to create change around any given issue, our community needs to be paying attention to where inspiration is manifesting. Then we might be able to see how it could become more connected, in order to “catch and spread” throughout the county.

The Community Data 2.0 event on May 19 brought us all together as people who live and / or work in Sarasota County and are interested in community data for community change. The 165 participants were asked to provide address information about the places where they live and work, and we then summarized and mapped the address data. This is one way to help our community notice and capitalize on opportunities for increased engagement.

Here is a quick summary of those who attended the Community Data 2.0 event. It begins to reveal where we spend our days at work (if we are employed or volunteering), and where we return home to as neighbors–two settings where each of us has tangible opportunities to connect, become inspired, and spread enthusiasm.

165 people attended the Community Data 2.0 event

o 145 people provided address information (= 88% of attendees)

· 130 people provided home addresses (= 79% of attendees)

· 106 people provided work addresses (= 64% of attendees)

Of the 130 people who provided home address information:

· 115 people responded that they live in Sarasota County (= 88% of respondents)

· 15 people responded that they live in nearby counties (Manatee = [13],                           Charlotte = [1], Hillsborough = [1]; (= 12% of respondents))

· 102 people responded that they live in the City of Sarasota (= 78% of respondents)

· 9 people responded that they live in other cities/towns in Sarasota County                                    [North Port = [3], Venice = [4], Longboat Key = [2]; (= 7% of respondents))

Of the 106 people who provided work address information:

· 98 people responded they work in Sarasota County (= 92% of respondents)

· 6 people responded that they work in nearby counties (Manatee = [6],                              Charlotte = [0], Hillsborough = [0]; (= 6% of respondents))

· 88 people responded that they work in the City of Sarasota (= 83% of respondents)

· 8 people responded that they work in other cities/towns in Sarasota County                            [North Port = [1], Venice = [7], Longboat Key = [0]; (= 8% of respondents))

The corresponding map shows where people who attended Community Data 2.0 live and work in Sarasota County and the surrounding region. (Click several times on the thumbnail to make the picture larger.)

So now that we can see who was present, what questions come to mind? Here are a couple to get us started:

What will it take to increase engagement throughout the county, such that more people of Venice, North Port, Longboat Key, and unincorporated areas choose to get involved in Community Data 2.0, as well as people of the city of Sarasota?

How is engagement the same and different for people who work in Sarasota County, but do not live here too–and vice versa? What are the implications, relative to community data for community change?

What questions come to mind for you? We hope you will share your impressions and ideas on this blog too.