Community Data 2.0 – Rebooting In Process…

On May 19, people of Sarasota County came together for Community Data 2.0 - A Community-Wide Rebooting.  I65 people from a variety of neighborhoods and sectors met to:

  • Review local community data-related efforts of the past decade
  • Consider emerging innovations, and
  • Begin a "rebooting" process to identify qualities of well-being that now matter most in our home community.

Click here to see a map of participant engagement. 

Data generated through this convening is now being synthesized and analyzed, and next steps are underway to clarify together how people and organizations of Sarasota County want to gather and exchange community data for community change.  Check the blog soon to see what participants identified as community indicators and trends that are most captivating and/or concerning.   The full subset of community indicators that were shared at the May 19 event is now available on the SCOPE website here

Over the next month, we will publish online the findings generated through the Community Data 2.0 event and continue to seek input and feedback for the sake of continuing the conversation about "community data for community change" here in Sarasota County.  Stay tuned!