A “Social Explorer” Take on Sarasota County

The NY Times has put together an analysis of the 2010 census data using the Social Explorer web application to show what households in America are looking like nowadays. Sarasota has the claim to fame as the oldest large county in the nation; so what do you think households with older adults in our community look like? And how many households in our community resemble your own?


Social Explorer was used by The NY Times to dig through the new census data and present interesting information regarding household appearances. How might we use the Social Explorer software to visualize data, other than census data, that might be interesting or beneficial for our community? Could we use it to learn about diversity in the workplace here in Sarasota?  Could we use it to explore diversity across neighborhoods?  What else might pique our curiosity as a community? 


Social Explorer is just one of many different web applications that can translate data into an engaging means of interaction online. How might web application innovations be used to reach more people regarding topics we care about as the community, in ways that traditional forms of interaction cannot? We hope you will share your ideas about how web apps might help us to become a community where residents are increasingly connected, sharing in open dialogue and working together to address tough issues. What do you think?