Data Byte: Gapminder

Millions of people across the world are watching “TEDTalks” on Youtube and other online media distribution websites. What is TED? TED is a non-profit with the goal of spreading ideas through “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”.Gapminder

One of the frequent TED speakers is a Swedish professor who helped create Gapminder, Dr. Hans Rosling. Gapminder is a visually engaging and interactive approach to presenting community data (with corresponding software). Here is a link for a few great examples of what Gapminder can do! It can also be used to compare data about Florida with data about other states, and also other countries around the world. We can look at a variety of different topics including agriculture, crime, economics, education, energy, health, housing, marriage, traffic, and population demographics.

What state do you think Florida is similar to in regards to housing sales or vehicle insurance cost? Check Gapminder here to find the answer. What questions about our home community do you find most interesting to explore using this online tool? We hope you will let us know by replying to this blog post.