Data 2.0 – What Do You See?

Data can help us make sense of what we are seeing and sensing in our neighborhoods and community.  It complements our lived experience and often prompts us to ask questions that can lead to change. At Community Data 2.0, citizens of Sarasota County got together and started in on reviewing TEN YEARS worth of data relating to a variety of indicators that reflect the state of well-being here in our home community.  Then everybody responded to the following questions:

  • — As someone who lives and/or works in Sarasota County, what surprises you in the patterns revealed in these data?
  • — Which patterns interest, concern or inspire you most?

So what did people have to say?

It turns out that among the 165 participants, people were most surprised/interested/concerned/inspired by patterns relating to:

  • Learning / Education
  • Economic Well-being &
  • Health

Patterns of particular interest include those relating to:

These particular indicators might not be the ones that surprise/interest/concern/inspire EVERYBODY in Sarasota County - it might be that the 165 people who were present at Data 2.0 were especially tuned into these particular domains and indicators by virtue of who they are, where they live, and what data was featured in the SCOPE presentation that was made just prior to their deliberations.

At the same time, the indicators that were most frequently identified can serve as a starting point for our community, in terms of re-energizing a community reflective process that makes the most of the data we've gathered.

So...what do you think about the patterns revealed in these data?

One way to share perspectives is to respond to the following questions*:

  1. How are we doing as a community, with regard to the qualities of community well-being that these indicators measure?
  2. Who are the partners who have a role to play in our community doing (and being) better with regard to these qualities?
  3. What works to do better, including low-cost and no-cost ideas?
  4. What do we as a community propose to do?

To get us started, we have created separate blog posts for the data relating to: high school graduation, unemployment, low birth weight / infant mortality and homelessness.

Please go to the blog post that corresponds with the indicator that interests you to examine the data and share your perspective.  In this way, you will be increasing our community's capacity, in terms of sensemaking for the sake of action.

In addition to online discussion, SCOPE is facilitating reflective sessions and conversations throughout Sarasota County relating to these data.  If you are interested in hosting or participating in a real-time, face-to-face discussion, please contact Dr. Allison Pinto at

*  For more information about the value of these questions for the purposes of community reflection and dialogue regarding community change, see the RBA website.