Data Byte: Many Eyes

How long is everybody’s morning commute here in Sarasota County? How safe are the airlines flying out of our local Sarasota-Bradenton Airport? There are a lot of great places to grab a cup of coffee here in Sarasota County.  How much coffee are we consuming?  Want to see for yourself?  IBM has developed an online resource called “Many Eyes” (which you can access here) as a public “experiment” in data visualization. In “three easy steps,” anyone of us can create interactive visualizations from previously uploaded data or any dataset we wish to contribute, and then share what we discover by posting it for all to see. There are more than just maps and graphs that can be created from data -- over 100,000 visualizations have been posted on Many Eyes. This kind of public participation in data helps us illuminate patterns in our community previously not seen before. Tableau Public is also a great data visualization tool with similar features. Check them both out!