Community of Practice forming for Resident Community Changemakers

SCOPE soon will be announcing the 2012 fellows of the Resident Community Changemakers program.  This 20 hour / week fellowship is designed to support neighbor-initiated, neighbor-led community change efforts throughout Sarasota County.  The fellows will be partnering with their neighbors and with SCOPE over the next 9 months to co-develop community-building approaches that are tailored to the particularities of their home neighborhoods, and will be sharing discoveries and insights along the way with fellow neighbors and the broader community. 

In addition to the fellowship, a “Community of Practice” will be established for others who are interested in resident community changemaking in their home neighborhoods throughout Sarasota County.  We will meet for 2 hours once a month to share strategies and discoveries, and to provide a cross-neighborhood forum for “peer consultation” about efforts that neighbors are leading.  SCOPE will bring along community-building resources to share with participants, including neighborhood-specific community data.  In these ways, we will be able to learn together and provide each other with support to “keep on” with neighbor-led community-building efforts that are happening throughout our county. 

If you are interested in participating in the Community of Practice, please contact Allison Pinto, Ph.D. at  The first session will take place in February, and when the date, time and place are determined, details will be available on SCOPE’s website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Stay tuned!