SCOPE’s Data Team has Re-Booted!

The Community Data Team meets weekly at SCOPE, both to support the development of a county-wide Community Data Collaborative and to develop data resources that can inform a variety of local community efforts.   The team has recently “re-booted,” and now includes:

  • Laurel Corrao -- Laurel is a resident of the Indian Beach / Sapphire Shores neighborhood and is a student at New College majoring in Environmental Sciences.  She is participating in a GIS internship at SCOPE through New College.
  • Doug Griffin – Doug is a resident of Longboat Key who is now retired and previously worked as the Vice President of Technology in a higher education setting after ten years in IBM consulting.  His background is in technology and business, with a degree in Operations Research.
  • Joan Haber – Joan lives in the Landings community.  She has a degree in Demography and conducts demographic analyses with both SCOPE and the Institute for the Ages.  She also has been actively involved for 15 years in the Disability Community. 
  • Colleen McGue – Colleen is a resident of the Central-Cocoanut neighborhood of Newtown and is an employee of SCOPE and the Institute for the Ages.  She has a degree in Community/Regional Planning and Latin American Studies, is experienced in GIS mapping, and has a particular interest in transportation and community change initiatives.
  • Walt Welliver – Walt is a resident of Plymouth, Michigan who until recently spent his winters in Sarasota.  He is retired from General Motors where he worked for 30 years.  He pioneered the use of computers in Engineering Data Analysis, Numerical Control and Process Control.  He then worked another 17 years as a Computer Consultant in Data Analysis.  Walt works remotely as a member of the SCOPE Data Team, specializing in the use of Microsoft Excel to set up and analyze community databases. 
  • Allison Pinto – Allison is a resident of the Central Cocoanut neighborhood of Newtown and directs the Community Data Initiative at SCOPE.  She also directs Banyan Sprout, Inc., a neighborhood-focused practice in child psychology and community well-being.  She has a degree in clinical child psychology, with a background in complex systems approaches and community change initiatives. 

We’ve got some very exciting data efforts underway, especially as relate to economic, environmental, and social well-being.  If you have interests and skills that relate to data gathering or analysis, time to devote to community data efforts, and are interested in joining the team, please contact Allison Pinto at  And stay tuned…more to follow soon!