Community Data 2.0: North Port -- the Countdown is On!

Next Thursday, March 15, people who live and work in North Port will be gathering for half a day to think and talk together about how everybody can use data to make their own community even better. SCOPE is co-hosting with the City of North Port. We are really looking forward to it – will you be there too? If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so by visiting the City of North Port website here.

Together we’ll be sharing a variety of “locally grown” data resources, considering latest innovations, and “rebooting” to clarify which qualities of life matter most to people who are living in North Port today. This is a way to update community data so that it fits best with what residents care about most. And not just residents anywhere – North Port residents, specifically.

Sometimes when people hear “data” they back away, figuring this is something that doesn’t really apply to everyday life. Actually, there are lots of ways that information about our community can make a difference in how we experience the place where we live, and how we choose to respond to opportunities and challenges as they arise. We’ll explore this together when we meet.

North Port is a special place with particular qualities and features that don’t exist everywhere else in Sarasota County. To name just a few – it’s a place with far more kids, with lots of canals and waterways, and with growing cultural diversity. So what might this mean for how North Port as a community chooses to make the most of life today, and to navigate its future?

And – not all neighborhoods in North Port are the same. What matters most to people in one part of the city might be very different than what matters most in another part. How are these differences taken into consideration?

Over the next week, we’ll share via blog, Facebook and Twitter some of the things that community data help to bring into focus about the community of North Port. We hope you will join in, to generate some rich conversation on what community data reveals and suggests about life in North Port, and Sarasota County more broadly.