First Month Reflections of the Resident Community Changemakers

What does it take for any one of us to become connected with fellow neighbors and inspired to bring about positive change in our community, beginning in the place where we live?


Listen to four residents of Sarasota County as they reflect on the first month of their experiences as Resident Community Changemakers:

Resident Community Changemakers is a partnership between residents in various neighborhoods throughout Sarasota County and SCOPE, a community engagement organization.  

It includes a 9-month Fellowship involving residents of 4 particular neighborhoods, as well as a Community of Practice open to all Sarasota County residents who are interested in becoming more present and active in their home neighborhoods, for the sake of meaningful community-wide change.

For more on the Theory of Community Change and the strategies of Resident Community Changemakers, check out this past SCOPE blog post.   

We anticipate that there are many aspiring resident community changemakers living in Sarasota County.   Are you one of them?  Do you know of others?  If so, we hope you'll let us know, and we encourage you to join the Community of Practice that meets monthly, beginning March 30.  Please contact or 941.365.8751 to find out more.