Data Byte: Growing Number of People Who Identify As Latino/Hispanic in Sarasota County (Part I)

As a relatively new resident in Sarasota County, and of a North Sarasota neighborhood in particular, I’ve noticed that I have several Spanish speaking neighbors. I like that, since I speak Spanish, too.  Hearing more Spanish when I’m out and about, I’ve been thinking about the “Six Disruptive Demographics Trends” report issued last year. One of the trends in the report that especially stood out to me was the so-called “Browning of America.” I wondered – has Sarasota County also experienced the trend of an increasing number of residents who identify as Latino/Hispanic?

Well, thanks to this “data viz” from Pew Hispanic Center, we can see that Southwest Florida is a place where there are a growing number of people who identify as Latino/Hispanic. As you click on the decades from 1980-2010, you can see that the bubbles indicate the number of Latino/Hispanic people living in our region is getting bigger and bigger.

In order to zoom in specifically on Sarasota County, I clicked on Florida and then Sarasota County using this linkMap of Growing Population who Identify as Latino/Hispanic, to see the exact data about our population.  As you can see, the percent of our county population who identify as Latino/Hispanic has doubled since the year 2000.

Here at SCOPE we are working with community partners to figure out ways for everybody to be able to zoom in to see what these demographic patterns look like within Sarasota County –all the way to the neighborhood and block scale. This kind of information is not only useful for local government planners and community organizations, but also for residents wishing to learn more about the richness and cultural vibrancy of their neighborhoods.

Stay tuned for some more innovative tools to zoom in within our county to see who we are, as the residents of Sarasota County.