Data 2:0 Venice will Emphasize Economic & Community Well-being

The City of Venice, Venice Area Chamber of Commerce, Venice MainStreet andSCOPE invite everyone who lives and works in Venice to participate in a workshop on "community data for community change." What: Community Data 2.0:  Venice - a half-day workshop

When: Friday, May 18 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Where: Venice City Hall

This workshop will emphasize using community data to promote economic vitality.  Questions to explore include:

  • How can businesses use demographic data to decide upon the best spot to locate their business, or to inform hiring decisions to promote the economic well-being of the full diversity of the community?
  • How can businesses use local asset mapping data to promote the overall well-being of their employees and their families, in not only their workplaces, but also their neighborhoods and broader community?
  • How can residents use community data to identify businesses to recruit to their neighborhood?

There will also be an emphasis on using community data to track social, civic and neighborhood well-being, for the sake of economic improvement and overall community thriving.

City Councilman Jim Bennett will share an IGNITE Presentation of his neighborhood, and corresponding neighborhood-scale data about the Sawgrass neighborhood, as an example of a neighbor- and neighborhood-centric perspective on community data.

Participants will be able to share perspectives on the qualities of life that matter most in Venice and find out how to get involved with the Community Data Collaborative, a growing network of people from various neighborhoods and professional sectors working together to create a local, user-friendly data resource.

For more information and to register go to or call SCOPE at (941) 365-8751.