Data Byte: Transportation Resources Hit the Real-Time

Local transportation resources can make a big difference in the quality of life experienced by residents of any community.  In Venice, citizens and city staff recently collaborated to create a local bicycling map to make it easier for everyone to navigate the community on bike -- a great example of a "hard copy" resource for local residents.  In some communities, online real-time resources relating to local transportation are now being created too. Check out this example in Los Angeles, where the Department of Transportation provides real-time parking availability for metered spaces throughout the city.  In San Francisco, a similar system has been turned into an iPhone app. Imagine what it could be like here in Sarasota County if we were to create online, real-time resources relating to local transportation as well as other aspects of everyday life.  Intrigued?  That's probably a sign that YOU'D BE PERFECT for the Community Data Collaborative here in  Sarasota County!