Data Byte: Connect with your neighbors online!


Image of Indian Beach Sapphire Shores SignAre you in search or a way to connect with your neighbors, but uncomfortable with the idea of knocking on someone’s door and catching them at a bad time? One of the coolest things about my neighborhood of Indian Beach/Sapphire Shores is that we have a neighborhood email list with over 500 members. Using this list I was able to find a new house to rent in the neighborhood when my lease was up at my old place. Neighbors also share opportunities to connect with other neighbors on the email list, like weekly litter walks and our annual neighborhood potluck. Around the country, more and more neighbors are connecting online & sharing ideas to make their neighborhood a better place to live. A nation-wide neighborhood-centric social media tool that SCOPErs have been keeping track of is  Neighbors sign in, find their neighborhood, and post their ideas so others can see it. Neighborland originally started in New Orleans as a public art project for neighbors to share ideas with each other in public spaces, and is now active in several cities around the US. This innovative project is a new forum for neighbors to share ideas about what matters to them as individuals, as a community, and connect with one another to create a better place.

Here in Sarasota County, there are some other ways that residents can share ideas online with their neighbors. One way is to submit a story about your neighborhood to the Life is Good in Sarasota County Community Video Campaign. Another place to look for more information about your neighborhood or share stories, photos, and neighborhood assets is on the Sarasota County Community Platform that the Community Data Collaborative is working on. Head to the platform, click on your neighborhood, and check out your neighborhood page to connect with your fellow neighbors and share ideas about how to make our community even better.

Interested in getting involved with the Life is Good Community Video Campaign and/or the Sarasota County Community Data Collaborative? Contact Colleen McGue at or at 941.365.8751.