One Indicator of Community Well-Being

Good news for homeowners across the United States this week: housing prices were up almost everywhere in 2012. How do home prices in Sarasota County compare to rising housing prices around the country and to other counties in Florida? What does our local data show, and where might you be able to find out more about the Sarasota County real estate market? and are two “real time” sources of local data on real estate and homes for sale. Both sites incorporate a mapping component so you can compare home prices around the county on a map.

On Zillow one can zoom in on local information using graphs and charts to compare Sarasota County listing prices, sale prices, and Home Value Index over the last 5 years to the state and other neighboring counties. Prices in Sarasota County are indeed on the rise as of December 2012.

A special feature of Trulia’s Real Estate map is that one can zoom in to different location in the county and layer school information and commuting times on top of locations of homes for sale. Layering information in this way, on a map, makes it easier for a potential home buyer to look at a potential new home in the context of two indicators of community well-being: learning and built environment. A more informed home-buyer is one who will make better decisions about where to purchase a home that is a good fit for their needs: this website makes that data more accessible.

The Sarasota County Community Data Collaborative is creating a website that will make Sarasota County data more accessible in the same way—layering different datasets on top of one another to better visualize context and enable better decision-making in our community.

What indicators of community well-being would you like to see layered on a map of Sarasota County? We hope you will share your thoughts here in the comments.

For more information on the Sarasota County Community Data Collaborative, or to get involved, please contact Colleen McGue at