SCOPE Board of Directors Welcomes STAR Student

Emily Caldwell, a junior at Cardinal Mooney High School, has joined the SCOPE Board of Directors through the Community Youth Development’s STAR program. Her term began on February 6 and will run through her senior year. SCOPE board member, Tracy Seider, completed the adult program for CYD Star students so she can serve as Emily’s mentor.  SCOPE recently talked with Emily about her new role. SCOPE:  Have you served on other boards in the past? Emily:  Yes, I also served on the Sarasota Partnership for Children board.

SCOPE:  How did you get involved with the STAR program? Emily:  My school sends out applications for students to take part in the STAR program, which encourages students to take part in the community. I participated Fall 2011 and through hours of training sessions we were able to develop leadership and communication skills to help us throughout our whole life.

SCOPE: Why did you choose SCOPE? Emily: I chose this board to become more active and aware of our Sarasota community. I feel like as a young adult it is hard to connect and be involved in a town where we have an older population. But, through this board I feel like I will be able to gain more knowledge about our community.

SCOPE:  What are you studying/planning to study in college? Emily: I am currently undecided about what I would like to study in college. I am between the majors of communications and business management. I'm leaving my options open for colleges around the country.

SCOPE: What interests, sports or community projects are you involved in outside of school? Emily: I am a player on the varsity volleyball team for Cardinal Mooney. I am currently President of my junior class, which is stressful right now because I am planning prom. I’m also a member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

SCOPE:  What do you plan/hope to achieve by being on the SCOPE board? Emily:  Serving on this board with well known professionals along the Suncoast will hopefully expand my knowledge and will allow me to be involved in the community. I feel very honored and excited to be a board member.

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