Best yesterday EVER!!!!

SNN Anchor Desk Hi all!  Stella here.  I had the best yesterday EVER!!!!  I went to SNN with my agent, Colleen and BFF Veronica Brandon-Miller of Goodwill Manasota to talk with them about the 36-Hour Giving Challenge.  Well...the anchor desk was barking my name.  Check out my pic.  Can I get a high paw?  Maybe I've found my next gig.  Please be sure to watch me on SNN6 Wednesday morning at 8am.  I had so much fun!  When my interview was over I visited my friends and fans in the newsroom and marketing department of the Herald-Tribune.  What great humans!  I'm sure I don't need to inform you that the challenge is under way.  Have you donated to SCOPE yet?  It would make my tail nearly wag of my backside if I saw that you'd donated.  The team is doing such awesome things these days around data and engagement.  Okay, it's naptime for me.  I have to rest up for my pawtograph event tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6 from 9am -4pm.  Be sure to come visit me at the office!