Data Byte: Gearing Up for Bicycle Wisdom

Fun Biking How do you travel around Sarasota? Do you often wish you were riding your bike: to work, to a friend’s house, with your kids, to the water, and more? Perhaps you just are not sure what the best way to bike around is? Or, you love biking in Sarasota County and you want to share your biking wisdom? As someone who loves biking in order to get around, I find

this bike wisdom map to be really awesome! What makes this map great is that it empowers bike riders to share their many riding woes and wows.

The New York Times has been “collecting rider’ shared wisdom about their biking in New York.” The biking wisdom map shares New Yorker’s experiences on different treks around their area. This map uses the same “crowdsourcing” technique as the Green map and Falling Fruit map. Crowdsourcing is “the practice of obtaining needed services, idea, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community.” Crowdsourcing technology takes the word of mouth communication within a community to a new level. Users of the bike wisdom map share their biking wisdom by sticking a “digital pin” on the map and attaching a note about the bike-ability of the location.

It would be super neat if Sarasota County residents pinned their favorite or least favorite biking spots to an online map, similar to the way New Yorkers are using the bike wisdom map. An interactive Sarasota County bike wisdom map would be a place for residents to share collective knowledge of the nice shady bike paths and avoid the bumpy pothole laden ones. I would share my neighborhood wisdom by pinning Bay Shore Road and stating “Delightful tree canopy bike ride with access to Sarasota Bay.” Would you be interested in such a resource? Which bike paths would you write about?