SCOPE Renews Connection to Local Academic Institutions

SCOPE is experiencing a revival when it comes to local talent and capacity - and this revival is coming from a renewed connection to local academic institutions such as New College of Florida and Ringling College of Art and Design.  Throughout SCOPE's history New College students have been an important part of the numerous studies, reports and programs - and yet this connection had waned a bit over the years.  This left SCOPE without the normal dose of creative intellect embodied within the type of students who have been such an important part of our work.  Today, I am grateful to report that the pipeline between SCOPE and these academic institutions has been restored.   For several months we have had the pleasure of working with Catherine Wolfe, a community-oriented student with talent and enthusiasm for community data and community engagement.  Catherine came to SCOPE as a volunteer, in response to a post by Colleen McGue on the New College listserv.   She is taking some time off this summer - and we miss her already!  Not long after Catherine joined our team we had an opportunity to welcome back Laurel Corrao - now a New College grad - who had previously served an internship with SCOPE.  Laurel's skills in GIS mapping and her ethic of community service are showing value every day.  Needing some help on a creative project, Laurel reached out to Ringling College student Leah McMacken, who in a few hours yesterday helped as she engaged with her special talent.  Earlier this week Colleen was contacted by another Ringling College student skilled in graphic design, who is interested in engaging with the work of SCOPE.  And today, our team has expanded again with the arrival of volunteer Nina Venter, another recent New College grad, who embodies a strong interest in urban studies.  You can read more about Nina in her introductory piece in this month's newsletter.  SCOPE's work has always involved a broad range of supporters, volunteers and resource people.  As we open ourselves to the best local talent we can find, these academic connections expand and broaden our capacity to engage and inspire the community of the future.