New Year's Resolutions with a SCOPE twist

JANUARY new_years_resolutions The turn of a new year is often riddled with promises of exercise, diet, drinking less alcohol, quitting smoking, getting a better job, saving money, and managing stress better. All of these resolutions are righteous and should be year round goals but what is missing from our common new year’s resolutions is our community aspirations. Perhaps you already have some more community centric resolutions on your list this year and that is wonderful! This blog post contains some mere suggestions of additions to anyone’s New Year’s resolutions this year.

  1. Volunteer: Whether you are retired or working, volunteering is a great way to help others in need within your community. Finding the right volunteer position for you is easy! Just think about what causes are important to you and reach out to the related organization working on that issue. Or you can try some of the many volunteer connecting sites such as,,, or
  2. Reach Out: Are there any new (or old) neighbors that you haven’t had the chance to meet yet? Stop by to introduce yourself!
  3. Spread Ideas: Has anything been happening in the community that has gotten you really excited (or frustrated)? Perhaps your street has been getting some increased traffic and you need a dead end sign? Or that fruit tree in your yard that is covered in fresh fruit, invite some neighbors over to harvest and enjoy. Share your ideas with your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to get some movement going, together.
  4. Keep doing what you do best: Maybe you already have a reputation in your neighborhood/community for a particular skill that you share. Keep at it! If you haven’t shared that skill with everyone yet, think of how you can share your knack for bike building, cooking, woodworking, fishing, or more!

I wish all of the SCOPE blog readers the best with their New Year’s Resolutions in 2014. Consider adding (if you haven’t already) one resolution that serves more than just yourself. Who knows, you might even find that some of these suggestions helps you achieve your own resolutions by burning some calories volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or reducing your stress while reading to someone with literacy needs. My small list of suggestions is just the beginning. Can you think of better ways to expand New Year’s Resolutions to be community centric in 2014? Also, what are your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions? Please share in the comments below.