Peer Review for the 2014 SCOPE Community Report Card

  Community aspirations (655x800)

SCOPE has been busy data mining for the 2014 SCOPE Community Report Card. It has been a while since the report card was updated so I would like to give a little refresher on this community resource.

What is the Community Report Card?

SCOPE’s 2014 Community Report Card is a tool that people can use to better understand Sarasota County. This edition of the report card will be filled with community indicators that reflect trends across many facets of community life.

 What are community indicators and what are their purposes?

Indicators are snapshots of information that tell us the trends of progress or problems within our community. Like the gas gauge of a car, community indicators show us information that we cannot see directly, but can be important to us when any issues arise.

 Community indicators can:

  • Help policy makers make informed decisions
  • Initiate and inform dialogue about the community
  • Highlight positive trends so that they may be maintained
  • Detect negative trends early so that they may be addressed

The various indicators within this report are categorized into the nine Domains of Well-Being: health, learning, social environment, built environment, culture and recreation, natural environment, transportation, economy, and civic participation.

 How were the indicators selected?

During the past couple

of years SCOPE has been out in the community asking about what indicators matter most. After listening to residents about what community issues and indicators mattered most during the Data 2.0 workshops, Community Conversations, and High Tech High Touch workshops, we focused our attention in those areas.

 What comes next?

Now that we have collected approximately half of the indicators for the 2014 Community Report Card, SCOPE is holding two Peer Review meetings. These meetings will enable residents with public or expert knowledge of the community indicators to provide their input.

How can you help?

 Please join the Community Report Card Peer Review group! This is your report card and now is your chance to provide your input on the indicators that inform decisions being made in Sarasota County. The meeting options are March 27th at 10am -11:30am (Selby) or April 23 at 3:30pm -5:00pm (SCOPE building).

Only one meeting needs to be attended.  Please contact Laurel Corrao at or (941) 365-8751 to RSVP.