The Abundance Festival, May 29, 2014, Broadway UMC, Indianapolis, IN

Mary's Blog 1 Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is about building community, from the inside out, finding out what is it, that we care about so much, that we are willing to take action to make our community a better place. This is one of those workshops that help me want to continue this ABCD work. Remember: there is no one we do not need.

John Mcknight and Peter Block, co-authors of the Abundant Community; Awakening the Power of families and neighborhoods, joined renowned Scripture scholar Walter Brueggemann, author most recently of “Journey to the Common Good. Talked with us about how associations, institutions, churches and citizens can build and nurture relationships that allow us to unleash our gifts and create a better community, that moves us from a narrative of scarcity to one of abundance.

The Speakers: John McKnight not only taught me Asset-Based Community Development, but along the way he became my friend. This was my first time meeting Peter Block but I held on to every word he said. Mari Evans was a guest speaker, she is known for her outstanding poetry and a dear friend of Maya Angelou. Walter Brueggemann brought the house down with his amazing biblical knowledge.

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DeAmon Harges is the original “Roving Listener” as a neighbor and staff member of the Broadway United Methodist Church, in Indianapolis, IN. His role is to listen and discover the gifts, passions and dreams of citizens in his community, and to find ways to utilize them in order to build community, economy, and “mutual delight.” DeAmon is also a Co-founder of Tesserae Learning Community, and an artist.

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The Artist: The perimeter of the room is lined with local artists selling their work:

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Mary's Blog 10Mary's Blog 11Broadway UMC: Everywhere I went through out the church, the gifts and talents of the community are all over the walls, it is true, there is no one we do not need.

Mary's Blog 12Mary's Blog 13Mary's Blog 14The People I Meet:

Mary's Blog 17Mary's Blog 18Mary's Blog 19Thanks to April Doner an ABCD connector, local artist, and amazing friend - I meet a whole bunch of great people.

Mary's Blog 21Mary's Blog 22Mary's Blog 23The neighborhood: Asset mapping, is finding out what are those treasures in our neighborhood that make them special to us. We all haveMary's Blog 25 them so let’s go roving in the neighborhood.

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