Health and Human Services Scorecard

Sarasota County Government has contracted with SCOPE to develop a set of Human Service Outcomes and Indicators. Explore the list of eighteen "outcomes" or aspirations, and thirty-nine indicators that SCOPE has developed for measuring community well being.

2016 Boundary Crosser: Dr. Barbara Shirley

Since 2005, SCOPE has honored a “Boundary Crosser” at our Annual Celebration. A Boundary Crosser is a person who connects people across boundary lines that traditionally divide community. Our 2016 Boundary Crosser Award recipient, Dr. Barbara Shirley, has been a resident and community activist in Sarasota County since 1990. While many organizations and projects have benefited from her visionary leadership and involvement, she is most highly recognized for her innovative thinking and pioneering of programs that address challenges in education and synergetic work in our community. Read more...

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Watch Dr. Shirley's Boundary Crosser Video

New! Results of the Senior Transportation Needs Assessment

In 2016, SCOPE conducted a survey of Sarasota residents ages 65 and over to find out what barriers they face to using different modes of transportation, including cars, buses, taxis, uber, and community transport. We also asked about their satisfaction with their ability to get around in this county, and what they think it will be like in the future. 

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View the results of the survey.